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Sheet1 Page 1 #_________________________________________________________________ # Problem 1.23 # a. Obtain the residuals and check the sum. sum(lm.ch1pr19$res) #_______________________________________________________________ # b. Point estimates of sigma^2 and sigma # three ways: mse = sum(lm.ch1pr19$res^2)/(length(x)-2) mse #point estimate of sigma^2 sqrt(mse) #point estimate of sigma
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Unformatted text preview: #alternatively sqrt(MSE) is called the Residual standard error in the #summary output summary(lm.ch1pr19) #alternatively. If you can't remember what output is associated with #the summary command, but you think that mse might be one of them, use #the names command. names(summary(lm.ch1pr19)) #then: summary(lm.ch1pr19)$sigma...
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