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hi440 Quiz 1 info

hi440 Quiz 1 info - 1 Old World and New Rejoined Outline 1...

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1. Old World and New, Rejoined Outline 1) Old Worlds a) Pangaea b) Eurasia/Africa c) The Americas 2) Rejoining Pangaea a) Contact b) Commonalities c) Differences Key words/concepts: Exchange Continental Drift Tectonics Columbian Exchange Neo-Europe “Small worlds” Commodities Capitalism 2.An Invasion of Disease and Weeds 3) European invasions a) Justification i) Ideological, nationalist ii) Ecological consequences b) Three waves of invasion c) Disease and depopulation 4) Biological Invaders a) Weedy species i) Fauna ii) Flora b) Horses and livestock i) Horses and bison depopulation c) Livestock and ecological change Key words/concepts Virgin soil epidemics Neo-Europe Weedy species Domestication Horse culture 3.Cultivating A New World Improving the Land Land and Labor in an Atlantic World
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Two variants: 5) New England villages 6) 2) Southern plantations Key Terms Mercantile economy Thomas Jefferson Land Ordinance of 1785 Hispanic model Acequia 4.Commodities and Markets Lecture Outline 7)
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