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NCSUFrench101Syllabus - FLF 101(M-F Summer I 2009 COURSE...

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FLF 101 (M-F) Summer I 2009 COURSE INFORMATION Instructor’s Name: Chuck Johnson, PhD Office: Withers 307 Phone: 360-6725 E-mail: [email protected] Webpage: http://www4.ncsu.edu/~cljohns8/ Office hours: For adverse weather and emergency situation information: Call 513-8888. PLACEMENT AND PREREQUISITES: There is no prerequisite for FLF 101. The Placement Test can be taken in the Foreign Languages Technology Center (214 Language and Computer Building at the corner of Stinson & Current Drives). The test will take about 25 minutes and you will receive the results immediately. NOTE: If you took French in high school and you have been told that you have « reached proficiency at the 102 level », this does NOT satisfy the prerequisite for this course. This only applies to students who will not take any foreign language course at NCSU. If you plan on taking any foreign language course at NCSU other than beginning at FL_101, you must take the Placement Test and abide by its placement recommendation. WELCOME TO FRENCH! This course aims at giving you a solid foundation in understanding, speaking, reading, and writing the French language. To accomplish these goals, it is essential that we use French as the language of the classroom. I will do my best to keep the class atmosphere creative, lively, and accepting of your best efforts. In return, you, too have some responsibilities. Please read carefully and follow the information and advice below. ATTENDANCE is required and will be taken daily. Missing class will seriously hinder your ability to succeed in this course. The following penalty will be applied: After three absences (in a MWF class), your class participation grade will be lowered one grade for EACH absence beyond the limit. For example, if a student has 6 absences (3 over the limit), the class participation   grade will be lowered by 3 grades, e.g., B+ becomes C+. Beyond the allowed 3 absences, you will need   a written excuse to be accepted at the discretion of the instructor (in case of serious illness, injury, death or illness in the family, university duties, court attendance, or religious observance.) This policy is based upon the University Attendance Policy. Save your absences for emergencies. Excessive absences may lead to an F for the course. Upon your return to class after an absence, you are responsible for any homework, quizzes, etc. assigned on the day of your absence. If you know in advance that you will have to be absent, please see me. I suggest that you get the phone number of a classmate you can call in case you are unsure of an assignment. TESTS: There will be exams, quizzes (written and oral), and a departmental final exam.
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