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Have to dialogue 2 - bas pakhini hai I have to wake up...

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Have to dialogue Namaste ji Namaste Kese Hai How are you? Bas chal raha hai Everything’s going as usual. Aaj aapka din kesa hai? How is your day going today? Bahut vyast hai? It’s very busy. Aaj aapke itna kya kya karna hai? What are the things you have to do today? Mujko bahut kaam karna hai. Mujko bazaar jana hai, doston se milna hai, tin homework karne hai, hindi pardni hai aur kal movie jaldi utna hai. I have a lot of work to do. I have to go to the bazaar, meet with friends, and I have to do three homework assignments, study hindi, and watch a movie tomorrow, and get up early. Aapko movie jaldi kyun utna hai? Why do you have to wake up early for the movie? Mujko jaldi utna hai kyunki mujko kal new york jaana hai aur mujko gre
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Unformatted text preview: ______ bas pakhini hai. I have to wake up early because I have to go to New York and I have Acha acha tab aapko jaldi sona chaiye Ok ok then you should go to sleep early. Such bath hai. Mujko aaj raat ko jaldi sona chaiye aapko kya karna hai. That’s true. I should go to sleep early tonight…what do you have to do? Kuch khas nahin karna hai. Aaj mera din kafee khali hai tho main serf aram karna chahata hoon. Nothing too important. Today my day is pretty empty so I just want to rest. Teek hai to ham phir badh main miliye jab ham donon ke pas zyaada samay hoga Ok so we’ll meet again when we both have more time. Zaroor Definitely. ** Dhanyavad...
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Have to dialogue 2 - bas pakhini hai I have to wake up...

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