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hindi hw 2 - In order to be saved from the sickness drink...

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1. kasha main adhyapak ji ne vidyarthion se kya poocha? Adhyapak asked the students what shall we do today? Adhyapak ji ne vithyarthion se “aaj ham log ya Karen?” poocha 2. Ek vidhyartion ka kya sujaav tha? One students question was could they have conversation about India today. Ek vidhyartion ka sujaav 3. Vidhyarti ka sujaav sunkar adhyapak ji ne kya kaha? While having heard the students question, adhyapak said why not, that is a very good thought (vichar). 4. Gumne jaane ke baare may ek vidhyarthi kya janana chahata tha? One student wanted to know when traveling to India when should we go? 5. Bharat may gumne jaane ke liye mausam kab achaa rahata hai? When traveling to India, From September to march the weather is good. 6. April se june thak ka samay kis tarha ke logon ke liye teek rahata hai? Because april se june the weather is very hot. 7. Bimar hone se bachne ke liye adhyapak ji ke kya kya sujaav hai?
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Unformatted text preview: In order to be saved from the sickness, drink mineral water with iodine. 8. Adhyapak ji ke vichar main bharat main kaun kaunsi jagah dekhne layak hain? What places does the teacher thik are worth seeing in India? In India, 9. Agar kideshi (foreigner) kidhatiyon ko bharat main char - cheh mahine (mahinon) thak rahana ho ya kisi shaadi vaadi may jaana ho to unhen kese kaprde pehene chahiye? If a foreigner has to stay in India for four to six months or has to go to a marriage then what kind of clothes should he/she wear? 10. Adhyapak ji ke aanusar agar koi bharatiya kisi videshi vidharyti ko khane vane par bulaye to uss ko kin kin bathon ka dhyan rakhna chahiye? If an anusar of the teacher … invites them for a meal, then what things should he/she have to keep track of?...
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