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hindi hw - what does geetas dad think about banaras Geetas...

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Who is writing this letter to whom? Geeta is writing this letter to Pratap where is geeta making a plan to go to? Geeta is making a plan to go to banaras and delhi what does he/she think about hindi? She thinks it is one thing to understand but it is another thing to speak with fluency Hindi samajna ek bath hai lekhen ravani se bolna dusri bath who will she stay with at banaras? She will stay with Usha in her college in banaras
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Unformatted text preview: what does geetas dad think about banaras? Geetas Dad said that it wouldnt be right for me to go to banaras alone because the young ppl make a lot of chaos and they harass girls how will usha recognize geeta if she doesnt know her? Usha will see if rajeshwari has an old photo to recognize geeta Tell something about ushas family Ushas husband is a history professor at the university...
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