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hindi vocab review

hindi vocab review - Gatana to reduce Kareedna to buy...

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Terna- to swim Dodna- to run Chalna- to walk/to run Chalana- to make someone/something walk or run Pardna- to read/to study Pa rdana- to teach Seekna- to learn Sikhana-to teach Sunna- to listen Sunana- to recite/narrate/to make someone listen Sochna- to think Sona- to sleep Seena- to sew Bathana- to tell Bath karna- to talk Kahana- to say Poochna- to ask Mangana- to ask for a thing/to order something Manana- to celebrate Manna- to accept Mana karna- to refuse Milna- to meet Milana- to mix Likhna- to write Betna- to sit Bolna- to speak Bardana- to increase
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Unformatted text preview: Gatana- to reduce Kareedna- to buy Pehena- to wear Pehenana- to make someone wear something Pahoochna- to arrive/reach Pahoochana- to make something reach/arrive Yaad karna- to memorize Man karna- to feel like Kam karna- to make less Kaam karna- to work Hamesha- always Khabhi khabhi- sometimes Khabhi- ever Khabhi nahin- never Shayad- maybe/ perhaps Zaroor- for sure Amteur se- normally Rose- everyday Har rose- each and every day Har- each/ every Zyaada- more Zyaadatar- mostly Kum- less...
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