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hindi - 2 mujhe to bhuk lagane lagi hai 3 log jaane ki...

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Translate into hindi 1. he began to laugh 2. we will begin to eat at seven o clock 3. hearing that( having heard this), She began to think 4. students begin to come here since morning 5. it started to get hot Translate into English 1. Uss samay (par) barish hone lagi thi 2. mujhe to bhuk lagane lagi hai
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Unformatted text preview: 2. mujhe to bhuk lagane lagi hai 3. log jaane ki toyari (preparations for going) karne lage hai 4. banaras may log subha char baje se ganga snan (bathing in the ganges) ke liye jaane lagte hai 5. meri bath sunkar sab log hasne lage do so unhathar...
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