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HINDI  1102 Weekly Schedule  (February 2 nd ~) Monday : Reading (Have To/ Need To ) H.W- Translating the reading in English and memorizing it thoroughly.  Tuesday: Song by on Sholay.  H.W- Photos ( You all are expected to a bring a photograph of your family, friends or  anything interesting, close or special to you. You will talk about them in Hindi. You must  include the following (1) Their names (2) Their ages (3) Their likes and dislikes (4) Their  profession, work or interests (5) Their location (6) Your relation with that persona and  anything interesting that you would like to share about them while you share the 
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Unformatted text preview: picture. ) Wednesday : Photos H.W – Role Plays {Please memorize the role plays well), Prepare for the quiz (the quiz is going to be in a questions and answers form (orally). The questions and answers will be on “have to” , “should”, “want to”, “to know”, “ this is better than that” , “to meet/ to get / milna”, “past tenses” , “future tense” . Thursday- Role Plays and Quiz & Conversation. H.W- Worksheet (Translate the following worksheets in Hindi)...
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