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Skit Presentation: Description: You all are expected to present a skit on the 2nd week after the spring break. Topic : You can choose any topic or theme that you want for your Skit. It is preferred if you choose a topic on India or Indian culture. Time : Each skit should be around 10 -12 minutes long. Number of students in each group : Each group can have maximum of 4 students. Grading: i) you will be graded by the instructor and your TA on your individual performance in the group ii) in addition to that, each one of you will give an overall score to the whole group. You will state clearly what were you criteria for assessing
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Unformatted text preview: the group. Criteria : you will be assesed on the following: i) your oral fluency ii) your grammar and accuracy and level of comfort/ natural flow and tone. How to prepare: i) On Monday (9th of March), you will choose your group and work on the outline of your skit. ii) You will compose a final draft in English by Wednesday and work on your rough draft in Hindi during the spring break. iii) You will work on and practice your final draft in Hindi during the 1st week after the Break. iv) You will be presenting your final skit during the 2nd week of the Break. Recording: Each skit will be video recorded....
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