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Dialogue 1: How are you? Aap kaise/kaisi hai? I am fine and you? Main teek hoon aur aap? Everything is going fine. Sub kuch teek chal raha hai. What are you doing these days? Aap aaj kal kya kya karte/karti hai? I am learning Hindi these days. Aaj kal main Hindi seek raha hoon. Since when did you begin to learn Hindi? Aapne Hindi seekna kab shooroo kiya? I began to learn Hindi last semester. Maine pichle semester Hindi seekna shooroo kiya. I see. How do you find it? Acha. Aapne kaise doonda? I find it a very interesting and useful language. Mujhe bauth (interesting) aur (useful) lagta hai. Do you find it difficult? Aapko mushkil lagta hai? I don't find it very difficult but I don't find it very easy also. Nahin mujhe mushkil nahin lagta hai lekhen asaan bhi nahin lagta hai. Are you beginning to understand more Hindi now than last semester? Aap ab pichle semester se zyaada Hindi samaj sakte/sakti hai? Yes, I am beginning to understand and speak more Hindi now than before.
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translation_and_memorization_hindi_1102(2) - Dialogue 1:...

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