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Translate the following dialouge: Dialouge 1: How are you? I am fine and you? Everything is going fine. What are you doing thesedays? I am learning Hindi thesedays. Since when did you begin to learn Hindi? I began to learn Hindi last semester. I see. How do you find it. I find it a very interesting and useful language. Do you find it difficult? I don't find it very difficult but I don't find it very easy also. Are you begining to understand more Hindi now than last semester? Yes, I am begining to understand and speak more Hindi now than before. Dialouge 2: Is the party tomorrow? Yes, the party is tomorrow. Are you going to the party? Yes, I am planning on/ thinking about going. When time will the party begin?
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This note was uploaded on 06/16/2009 for the course HINDI 1102 taught by Professor Singh, s during the Spring '09 term at Cornell.

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translation_and_memorization_hindi_1102 - Translate the...

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