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Unformatted text preview: Review Vocabulary :to swim : to run : to walk /to run : to make someone/something walk or run : to read / to study : to teach : to learn : to teach : to listen : to recite/ narrate/ to make someone listen : to think : to sleep :to sew : to tell : to talk : to say :to ask (question) : to ask for a thing/ to order something : to celebrate : to accept :to refuse :to meet :to mix : to write :to sit :to speak : to increase :to reduce :to buy :to wear :to make someone wear something :to arrive/reach :to make something reach / arrive somewhere . : to memorize : to feel like : to make less : to work : always : sometimes : ever : never : may be/ perhaps : for sure : normally : everyday : each and every day : each/ every Z : more : mostly : less ...
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