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Want to dialogue - They don’t want to understand or they...

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Want to dialogue Sheela kesi hai? How is Sheela? Vo teek hai lkhen aajkal vo bahut pardashan She is good but she has been worried these days. Kyun? Why? Kyunki uske matha pitha uski shaadi karna chahate hai aur vo shaadi nahin karna chahata hai. Because her parents want to get her married and she doesn’t want to get married. Vo shaadi kyun nahin karna chahata hai? Why doesn’t she want to get married? Vo shaadi nahin karna chahata hai kyunki abhi vo aur pardna chahati hai aur nokri karna chahati hai. She doesn’t want to get married because she wants to study more and work. Kya usne aapne matha pitha se iss ke bare main bathchit ki? Did she talk to her parents about this matter? Haan usne unko iss ke bare main samjane ki koshish ki lekhen ve samjana nahin chahate hai. Yeah she tried to explain it to them but they don’t want to understand it. Ve samajana nahin chahate hai ya samjh nahin sakte hai?
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Unformatted text preview: They don’t want to understand or they cannot understand? Haan shayad samjh nahin sakte hai kyunki unki peedee aur hamari peedee main kafee fark hai. na? Yeah maybe they can’t understand it because their generation and our generation are very different, right? Such kaha rahe hai. That’s true. Phir bhi, main aap se sahamta hoon. Usko phir se, unko samjaane ki koshish karni chaiye. Even so, I agree with you. She should try to make them understand again. Haan ve bahut acha log hai aur ve sheela se bahut pyaar karte hai aur uski khoshi chahate hai. Yeah they are very good people and they love Sheela very much and they want her to be happy. Haan mujhe lagata hai ki ve maan jaeege Yeah I think they will come around. Ham serf aasha hi kar sakte hai We can only hope. Such bath hai That’s true....
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Want to dialogue - They don’t want to understand or they...

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