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Dosti- friendship Todna- to break Daam-life(f) Saath- company (m) Tera saath- your company Magar- but Ay- hey Jeet- victory (f) Teri jeet- your victory Haar- loss/defeat (f) Sunna- to listen Sun-hey listen Gham-sorrow/pain (m) Jaan- life (f) Essa-such Essa apna pyaar- such is our love Jaan pe/par khelna- to take chance/to play/ risk one’s life Tere liye- for your Le lena- to take (compound verb) Dushmani- animosity (f) Tere liye le lenge sabse dushmani- will make the entire world my enemy for
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Unformatted text preview: you Nazar- glimpse/vision (f) Nazar aana- to become visible Logon ko nazar aana- to be visible to people Joodha- separated Joodha hona- to be separated Ho joodha- if we are separated Khafa- to be upset/angry Khooda- lord/ god Dhuva- request (f) Essa ho nahin- such a thing may never happen Khanna-peena- eating and drinking (all the daily chores) Murna- to be dead Jeena- to be alive Zindagi- life (f) Saari zindagi/ jeevan- entire life...
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