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biotin - Bioton Egg whites Dermatitis hair loss...

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Bioton Egg whites Dermatitis hair loss neurological o Raw egg whites; avidin; high affinity for bioton Binding is irreversible Avidin resis. To pan. Enzymes Bound to bioton, not going to absorb Egg yolk- prevented egg white Conc. Source of bioton TOP LEFT NITROGEN IS reactive Found bound to PROTIEN o WHEN idgest, end up with biotin still bound too lysine Biocytine-usually like bioton to be FREE Biotinidase Found in small intestine o Responsible for releasting bioton from biocytin o Klets bioton be FREEEEEEEEEEE EGG YOLK, PEANUT BUTTER INTESTINAL MICROFLORA Dietary- mostly bound to protein o Release biotenpeptide o Biotinadase responsible for cleaving off lysine Biotinadase-pancreatic secretions Active transport- sodium dependent multiviotamin transporter Passive diffusion in large supple doses
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Synthesize biotin in colon 80% free in blood o Rest bound to albumin, b gl, biotinidase* In plasma Tissues also has SMVT to transport to liver
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