hist 1302 exam 2 review - Exam 2 Review IDs 1 Dust Bowl...

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Exam 2 Review IDs 1. Dust Bowl: caused by overproduction by farmers; ecological and economic disaster of unprecedented proportions in mid-1930s; federal assistance for relief, AAA paid farmers not to produce; Soil Conservation Service; Mexicans no longer dominated the farms in Cali. Because of white migrants who became hostile for not having work that Mexicans had; many left voluntarily 2. John Collier: led Indian reforms; born privileged; immigrants in America’s urban areas Became increasingly convinced that Indian heritage was far superior than western Became very vocal critic on federal Indian policy 1933: FDR named Collier Commissioner of Indian Affairs Goals: reverse course of American-Indian policy end forced assimilation, end allotment of reservation lands, reorganize Indian tribes into governments Criticisms: imposed pretty damaging economic reforms on reservations; romanticizes Indian cultures so he was unwilling to let them grow and evolve; Stock Reduction Program: destroyed last remaining indigenous economy; “he misdiagnosed the problems and prescribed a cure that was worse than the disease” Reforms reasserted status of tribes/IRA 3. Lend-Lease Act: 1941; allowed British to obtain arms from US without having to pay for them, merely had to promise to pay at end of war FDR said it was necessary to protect 4 freedoms o speech expression o freely worship God o freedom from want o freedom from fear German responds with round of U-Boat attacks naval escorts were sent with ships for protection Made US loyalties clear Paved way for direct contact between US and Germany 4. Battle of Midway: June 3-6 1942; big American victory against Japan; severely weakened Japanese navy, reversed balance of power in US favor Turning point: put Japan at a disadvantage for the rest of the war 5. GI Bill of Rights: Democratic legislation in 1944; promised returning veterans that they would receive funds for education, businesses, etc.; 52/20 clause: promised year’s worth of unemployment to avoid relapse into Depression Made education more accessible for returning veterans surge in university enrollment 6. Bracero Program: 1942, allowed Mexican workers to temporarily enter US as agricultural and railroad workers because of labor shortages Illegal Mexicans entered as Braceros because of high demand for them: unlike official Braceros, they often stayed in the US Program started losing popularity because of illegals
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7. American Century: coined 1941, the end of WWII marks the dawn of American superpower 8. Israel: Truman recognizes its sovereignty as a moral crusade due to Holocaust 9. McCarthyism: Republican Senator Joseph McCarthy of Wisconsin; 1950 speaking at Republican Women’s Club said US had been sold out by Communists in the State Department and later in the military; campaign to silence critics of the Cold War ; public began to increasingly share his views; climax of Red Scare (1950-1954); downfall
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hist 1302 exam 2 review - Exam 2 Review IDs 1 Dust Bowl...

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