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BA 4371 COURSE SYLLABUS School of Management The University of Texas at Dallas Course Course Number/Section BA 4371.002 Course Title International Business Term and Dates Spring 2009 Professor’s Contact Information Professor Habte G. Woldu Office Phone 972-883-6357 Email Address [email protected] Office Location SM 4.805 Office Hours M & W 12:30 -1:30 and W 4:30-5:30 Course Pre-requisites The course, International Business is designed for senior undergraduate students and prior to taking the course; students need to take Ba 3365, Math 1326 and Math 2333. Learning Objectives Upon finishing this course, students are expected to recognize and understand the following course objectives: 1 The dynamics and direction of international trade and foreign direct investment 2 The various trade theories that explain the benefit and challenges of international trade 3 International organizations and institutions that affect international business operations 4 Multicultural aspects of international business and the cultural dimensions that indicate the cultural behavior of international business leaders and firms. 5 The uncontrollable business environments that impact the international business operations 6 The ethics and responsibilities of multinational firms in foreign business operations 7 The process of selecting, hiring and controlling of international human resource for international business assignments. Course Description: In the new millennium, the drive of most businesses is to "go global." As ideologies no more draw boundaries between countries, and the cold war between East and West is diminishing and trade and investment barriers are easing, we are witnessing the emerging of more countries into international markets. However, with such expansion, there are opportunities as well as challenges that students of international studies need to understand. In this course, students will familiarize themselves with various controllable Habte G. Woldu BA 4371 Spring, 2009 1
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and uncontrollable business environments and will develop skill of managing international businesses in such environments. Furthermore, students through various cultural dimensions will be able to understand the multicultural aspects of international businesses as well as the ethical responsibilities of international firms. The students’ management of the course will be evaluated through the assessment of demonstrated oral and written skills that are reflected in class discussion, case presentation and project reports as well written exams. Assignments : Team case assignments will be distributed among groups. The team case will be presented in class and a 5-6 pages research paper with its full reference (use refereed journal articles) will be submitted to the instructor immediately following the presentation. Case presenters need to supply a one-page outline by highlighting, the objectives, problems, and solutions of the case study to all students. Additional tasks such as summary of films or articles may be assigned.
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ba4371-002-Spring-090 - BA 4371 COURSE SYLLABUS School of...

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