Chapter 15 - Integrating components of Globalization...

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Integrating components of Globalization Nations Competitiveness: -Based on Freedman’s Vision of Globalization Phase one: countries going global Phase two: firms going global Phase three: individuals going global Question for Discussion - Is it possible to be effective globally in the absence of one of the above components of globalization ? What if the Chinese Move from Dollar to Euro Discuss its effect on : -American Economy -international monetary stystem Chapter Objectives Discuss environmental analysis and market screening Explain market indicators and market factors Describe some statistical techniques for estimating market demand and grouping similar markets Appreciate the value to businesspeople of trade missions and trade fairs Discuss some of the problems market researchers encounter in foreign markets Understand the differences between country screening and segment screening Identify sources of information for the screening process Appreciate the utility of the Internet as a source of market research data 14-3 Chapter Objectives How to read the basic needs of people: Understand Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Elementary needs (shelter, food) Secondary needs (education, health) Self Actualization (spiritual development) Assessing and Analyzing Markets Market Screening A modified version of environmental scanning in which the firm identifies markets by using the environmental forces to eliminate the less desirable markets Environmental Scanning A procedure in which a firm scans the world for changes in the environmental forces that affect it 14-4 Market Screening Permits management to identify a small number of desirable markets be eliminating those less attractive Two Types of Screening Country Screening
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Chapter 15 - Integrating components of Globalization...

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