Essay questions BA 4371 final exam

Essay questions BA 4371 final exam - BA 4371: Essay...

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BA 4371: Essay questions for final examination 1) Distinguish the difference between guest worker and refugees. Discuss why guest workers are more preferred to refugees by the citizens and governments of a host country. 2) Discuss the overall trend of labor unions around the world. Explain why the concept of Codetermination in management is related to the current state of labor union in western countries such as Germany and the United States of America. 3) Explain why women executives in international business assignments may face more challenges than their male counterparts. Discuss why in spite of such setback, business organizations and institutions need to promote women to upper level of management positions. 4) Define the five phases of market screening. Discuss the importance the importance of the first and the last stages in detail. 5) Explain why foreign market entry through foreign direct investment is much more complex than entering through export 6) Explain why firms may enter a foreign market through a joint venture than through a wholly owned mode of ownership. 7) Discuss why indirect exporting cannot always be helpful to a manufacturer who seeks to sale its products and services globally. 8) Explain why standardization of products for specific foreign markets is preferred to adaptation by the management at the headquarter. 9) Discuss why industrial products and services are easily standardized than consumer products. 10) Identify the sources of for international human resource staffing and discuss the advantage and disadvantage of each of them.
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Saad Shah International Business Dr. Woldu May 4, 2009 Female executives in the International Arena In recent years there has been a great increase in the employment of women in the work place. “In 2004, women made up 46 per cent of all U.S. labor force participants – up from 29.6 percent in 1950 – and held half of all managerial, professional, and related occupations in US companies, up from 36 percent in 1976 (US Department of Labor, 2005 )” (Linehan and Scullion 2). However, even with this increase in the presence of women, they still face many challenges in the workplace. In many countries women are still believed to take on a more traditional role.
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Essay questions BA 4371 final exam - BA 4371: Essay...

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