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Bio311D 11am Kyung Ah Lee “Population Differentiation and Rapid Evolution of Egg Color in Accordance with Solar Radiation,” Lahti DC, Volume 125, Pages 796-802, Published Oct 2008. This article questions the change in egg colors is evolution in Village Weaver in Africa. The author suggests that the color the egg color evolved to blue- green in order to protect Village Weaver embryos from solar radiation. Also he proposes another hypothesis that evolution occurred by natural selection in Village weavers in the absence of Diederik Cuckoos. He supports his hypothesis with a data that nesting with more sun light had more intensely blue
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Unformatted text preview: green eggs. The color change evolution is possible because the Village Weavers can produce fertile offspring and it shares a genetic information with the population. It also qualifies for the natural selection because they Village Weavers can give rise to the individuals with different traits and not all individuals can reproduce. This article relates to evolution and how environment change affects evolution. I found it interesting that this article directly relates to what we are learning in class, and also I was amused by how evolution affects egg colors....
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