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4-20 - What happens near the carrying capacity What is...

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4/20/09 What happens near the carrying capacity? What is biodiversity? Further above the producers, larger they are. Carbon Cycle Nitrogen Cycle -Nitrogen as part of amino acids and nucleotides -useless to humans -bacteria, then Nitrates nitrites… -nitrogen fixing bacteria live in roots of plants legumes -decomposed to soil. Genetic diversity Biodiversity Ecosystem Diversity Biodiversity=number of species within an area. Ecosystems on Earth: resources are not evenly distributed. -black purple low production Number of bird species: -Areas of higher and lower biodiversity reflect available resources. -greatest amount of primary production -greatest diversity production of plants (resources), greater amount diversity of birds. Larger areas can support more biodiversity Water is critical for biodiversity Carbon, nitrogen, water, space, all related to biodiversity Removing resources reduces biodiversity New predators can have an affect throughout the ecosystem.
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