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4 22 notes - Maintaining Biodiversity Changes in...

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4-22-09 Maintaining Biodiversity Changes in extinctions and diversity -number of individuals depended on births and deaths -more births than deaths, population increases Increased rural density leads to decreased forest. -this is because rural slash-and-burn framers cause most of Rural populations are expected to decline. -less than 50% live in rural area Substantial areas of agricultural land are likely to be abandoned, because the population growth rates of many developing nations are slowing and because of increasing urbanization. This could enable significant forest regeneration, which could help buffer species losses from deforestation. Human Vs. Natural disturbances. -forest fire, pollution, nuclear bomb, -it would take a long time to recover from human disturbances Terrestrial biodiversity hotspots -16 hotspots that sustain tropical forest have already lost, on average 90% of their forest cover. Rainforest clear cutting -cut down all the trees for ranching, etc.
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  • Spring '07
  • Iverson
  • Population Growth Rates, rural slash-and-burn framers, local population density, 4-22-09 Maintaining Biodiversity

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