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FINAL EXAMINATION STUDY GUIDE POLITICAL SCIENCE 002w Spring 2009 Forrest Maltzman Schedule : The examination will be administered on Friday, May 8th and Monday, May 11th , from 10:20am-12:20 pm in room 113 at 1957 E Street NW (the time slot and location is the same for both dates). You may take the exam on either of these dates. Obviously, if you take the exam on Friday, May 8th, you will not be allowed to take it again on May 11th. The exams on the 8 th and the 11 th will differ. But, the people who took the exam on the 8 th are precluded from saying anything other than "I took the exam; and it reminded of a Mocha chip milk shake" until after 12:30 pm on Monday May 11 th . The exam will require the entire class period and you will not have extra time. Hence, you should not be late to class. The test will be closed book. Thus, you will not be allowed to consult or use any books, notes, or other aids. Objectives and Content : The final exam is designed to provide you with an opportunity to (i) demonstrate your familiarity with important concepts and theories that we have studied and (ii) use these terms and theories to analyze the workings of the American political process. The test is not designed to see if you have memorized specific facts and figures. The test will be based upon both assigned readings (even those that were not discussed in class) and lectures. Assigned readings that were not discussed in class may be covered on the exam. Students who rely exclusively upon either assigned readings or lectures will be unprepared for this test. While the essays may cover material from the entire course, the multiple choice section will focus primarily upon material that was covered after week seven on the syllabus (i.e., from the Pluralism unit on). The short answer will have up to two question related to what we covered in class prior to the midterm. This (these) question(s) will be closely related to the essay questions in the midterm study guide. Format : The final exam will consist of one essay; 4 short-answer and 20 multiple choice questions. The multiple choice section of the exam will be worth 40 points; the short answer will be worth 20 points and the essay will be worth 40 points. You can score a maximum of 100 points on the exam. The essay will be one of the essays that are listed in this study guide. There will be no choice as to which essay you must answer. Thus, be prepared to answer any of the six essays that are included. Hints for the Exam : 1. You should count on having 120 minutes at your disposal; do not waste time. Plan to spend at least 40 minutes on the essay. It is important not to panic. If you get stalled on one multiple choice question, you should move on to the other questions.
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This note was uploaded on 06/17/2009 for the course PSC 002W taught by Professor Maltzman during the Spring '09 term at GWU.

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FinalGuide2009(002) corrected - FINAL EXAMINATION STUDY...

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