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27-d1 - formats are standardized Training Tools New and...

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STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURES Many companies develop standard operating procedures (SOPs) for virtually every phase of their business. When standard operating procedures are mentioned, most people think of a manufacturing or service business and are surprised to learn that standard operating procedures apply to management and office administration as well. Most companies have SOPs for producing documents in their offices for several reasons. Quality Control SOPs ensure that company image is consistent throughout the organization. Guides are presented for using and protecting the logo, standard colors may be specified, and document
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Unformatted text preview: formats are standardized. Training Tools New and experienced employees both want to do a good job. SOPs provide an excellent training tool to ensure that all employees do their work accurately and meet company expectations consistently. Most employees do not like to be told repeatedly what to do. Having a set of guides to follow enables them to work independently and still meet quality standards. Productivity Enhancement and Cost Reduction Documents are very expensive to produce. SOPs are designed to be efficient, and efficiency translates to cost savings. Tanisha Johnson 27-d1...
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