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32-d2 - virtual spin of the living room kitchen and every...

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Internet Solutions 9187 Geneva Street Spring Hill, FL 34608 May 29, 2009 Ms. Alice Ottoman Premiere Properties, Inc. 52 Ocean Drive Newport Beach, CA 92660-8293 Dear Ms. Ottoman Is your website growing your real estate market as well as you would like? Internet Solutions invites you to take a look at our advanced strategies for marketing your properties on the World Wide Web. For example, we can create 360-degree panoramic pictures for your website. You` can give your clients a
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Unformatted text preview: virtual spin of the living room, kitchen, and every room in the house. Call today for a demonstration of this remarkable technology and talk with our designers about other innovative website marketing strategies. Give your clients a better visual understanding of the property layout and more valuable information for decision making—something your competition does not have. Sincerely LeeAnn Rodgers Marketing Manager tj...
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