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36-d2 - A plant is being sent to Eric from the Sunwood...

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TO: All Sunwood Employees FROM: Julie Patel, Human Resources Director DATE: June 4, 2009 SUBJECT: Eric Kershaw Hospitalized We were notified by Eric Kershaw’s family that he was admitted into the hospital this past weekend. They expect that he will be hospitalized for another ten days. Visitations and phone calls are limited, but cards and notes are welcome.
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Unformatted text preview: A plant is being sent to Eric from the Sunwood staff. Stop by our office before Wednesday if you wish to sign the card. If you would like to send your own “Get Will Wishes” to Eric, send them to : Eric Kershaw County General Hospital Room 401 P.O. Box 13947 Atlanta, GA 38209-4751 tj...
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