43-d1 - P lanning a Successful P resentation Presenters...

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Unformatted text preview: P lanning a Successful P resentation Presenters realize the need to prepare for a successful presentation. Two areas of extensive preparation are the development of a thorough audience analysis and a well-defined presentation purpose. Audience Analysis The presenter must conduct a thorough audience analysis before developing the p resentation. The profile of the audience includes the following demographics.1 • • • • • • Age and gender Education Ethnic group Mari tal status Geographic location Group membership Interviews with program planners and organization leaders will provide insight into t he needs, desires, and expectations of the audience. This information makes the d ifference in preparing a presentation that is well received by the audience. 1 Samantha Vitella and Nathan T. Gunach, E ffective Presentations ( Indianapolis: Manchester P ress, 2008), p. 38. 1 2 Pu rpose of the P resentation After analyzing the audience profile, the presenter has a clear focus on the needs of t he audience and then wri tes a well-defined purpose of the presentation. Isabella Carrabbua, a well-known wri ter, states: With a clear focus, the presenter confidently conducts research and organizes a p resentation that is on target. The presenter remembers to state the p urpose in the int roduction of the presentation to assist the audience in u nderstanding the well-defined direction of the presentation. In the conclusion of the presentation, the speaker often will remind the audience of t he purpose.2 Summa ry Effective speakers understand the importance of knowing the audience and developing a clear purpose in the beginning and maintaining that focus throughout t he research, composition, and delivery of the presentation. The speaker’s task will be much easier, and the audience will benefit as well. 2 I sabella Carrubbua, “The Purpose of the Purpose: A Clear Focus,” Contemporary Writers’ D igest, December 2008, p. 141. 2 ...
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43-d1 - P lanning a Successful P resentation Presenters...

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