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Key 1 Summer 09 online - COLLEGE KEYBOARDING I OST 1100...

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COLLEGE KEYBOARDING I – OST 1100 – Section 7675 – Online Course INSTRUCTOR: Professor Cheryl O’Berry E-Mail: OFFICE: A-246 – East Campus Office Phone: 352-518-1283 PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE SYLLABUS FIRST. E-mail me when you have read and understand the requirements of this course. It is your responsibility for knowing the information in the syllabus! Failure to read and know the information contained in the syllabus may lead to failure in this course. Extra Credit is not available in this course. Although a beginning course, the online course is geared for students who can work independently and are familiar with basic computer operations. After reading your syllabus, go to: STEPS FOR SETTING UP KEYBOARDING PRO DELUXE follow the directions for setting up and beginning your lessons. Remember, all lessons are due at 9 am on the date listed. COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course is designed for students with little or no keyboarding experience. This course will include the correct techniques and basic skills in keyboarding. Students will produce basic business documents using current software (WORD 2007). A lab fee required. Prerequisite: None Keyboarding Pro Deluxe software is NOT compatible for MAC computers. CREDIT: 3 credit hours SUPPLIES: One USB TEXTBOOK: K EYBOARDING ORMATTING E SSENTIALS L ESSONS 1-60, 2 E , packaged with K EYBOARDING P RO D ELUXE software (version 1.3); Vanhuss, Forde & Woo, Cengage (Thomson) South- Western Publishing Company, 2008. I suggest you purchase the textbook package from a PHCC bookstore—to get the correct package. ATTENDANCE Online class participation is essential to your success. E-mail is used for instructor to student communication. You are expected to check your e-mail regularly. Should you be absent from the course for more than one week—I have not heard from you—you could be withdrawn from the course.
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ASSIGNMENTS: This is a six-week ccourse. Therefore, after Lesson 15, NO late assignments will be accepted. Last day to withdraw from this course is June 8, 2009. Please check the college catalog for college policies. VIRTUAL OFFICE HOURS: There are no set virtual office hours. Students may contact me via e-mail or my office phone. I check my email regularly Monday – Thursday mornings. Meetings are scheduled by appointment only. Students have access to Open Computer Labs on each campus, which are staffed by lab technicians knowledgeable in Windows, Microsoft Office 2007, and Keyboarding Pro Deluxe Software. For questions regarding my.PHCC, please contact PHCC Support Staff. For help with Keyboarding Pro Deluxe software, please call Elaine Ellerbee, East
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Key 1 Summer 09 online - COLLEGE KEYBOARDING I OST 1100...

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