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sample-midterm - Name Student ID Sample Mid-Term The exam...

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Name: _________________________________________ Student ID: _____________ 1 Sample Mid-Term The exam consists of two main parts: 20 true/false questions worth 40 points. For each of these questions: - a correct answer will get you 2 points - an incorrect answer will get you 0.5 negative points - a question left blank will get you 0 points So please be careful if you wish to use guesswork for questions in this part! 2 other questions worth 60 points (30 points each). There is NO negative grading for these questions.
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2 Question 1 (40 points total) Mark the following (T-F) questions using T for true, and F for false. 1. Direct Memory Access (DMA) requires a special controller that facilitates the transfer of blocks between the I/O device and main memory. 2. The shell (or command interpreter) is part of the kernel. 3. An operating system can be viewed as a resource allocator to control various I/O devices and user programs. 4. An interrupt vector contains the saved program counter values of interrupted user programs. 5. Privileged instructions can be executed in monitor mode. 6. Priority Inversion is a condition that occurs in real-time systems where a lower priority process is starved because higher priority processes have gained hold of the CPU. 7. Multiprogramming is a technique used in an operating system for sharing a single processor between several independent jobs. 8. Soft real-time systems require that the scheduler firmly guarantee that critical processes will complete within a guaranteed amount of time. 9. Compiler/Linker is an example of a producer/consumer pair.
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sample-midterm - Name Student ID Sample Mid-Term The exam...

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