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Spring08_Homework2 - ICS 143 Spring 2008 Programming...

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ICS 143 Spring 2008 Programming Assignment (100 points) Electronic Copy Due: End of 10th week * Start Early. * This homework can be done in groups of 2 or 3 * Every group will have to demo the project. The exact date and time will be announced later. * The project can be implemented in language of your choice. * Source code is to be turned in into checkmate electronically before the following due date and a report (hardcopy) is due at the demo time. The goal of this project is to simulate a Multilevel Feedback Queue scheduler. You will be required to design a framework that can be used to simulate the operation of the scheduler given the arrival time and CPU execution time. The scheduling algorithm has the following properties: 1. The scheduler should have 3 queues. The scheduling algorithm for the first and the second queues is Round Robin where the time quantum for the first queue is 3 and for the second queue is 6. The scheduling for the last queue is Shortest Job First. 2. The first queue has the highest priority and the third queue has the lowest priority that means processes in the second queue can start running only when the first
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