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/** * Jesus Campos * CS-116-004 * Final Project - File Write Class * The FileWrite class allows the user to write the data on a file. **/ package code2; p import*; public class FileWrite { p BufferedWriter outFile; public FileWrite(String outFile1) throws IOException p { outFile = new BufferedWriter(new FileWriter(outFile1)); //the user is allowed to specified the name of the file to be created } public void close() throws IOException
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Unformatted text preview: { outFile.close(); //once the file has been written, it must be closed. This method allows for the file to be closed. } public void writeToObject(String s) throws IOException { outFile.write(s); //this is the method that makes the writing to the file. It takes a string as an argument and writes it to a line. outFile.newLine(); //it then moves to a new line where more data is to be written. } }...
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