Exam 3 Study Guide

Exam 3 Study Guide - • Psychoanalytic therapy (goals,...

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Exam 3 Study Guide Chapter 14 Different views on mental illness (psychoanalytic, biological, cognitive, etc) What is abnormal? DSM-IV (what is it, what’s it’s use, what’s controversy around it?) Anxiety disorders (what are the different types?) Causes of anxiety disorders Mood disorders (what are the different types?) Gender differences in depression Causes of mood disorders Dissociative disorders (types) Schizophrenia – what are symptoms (e.g., delusions, hallucinations, etc)? Types of schizophrenia Symptoms of personality disorders Chapter 15 Biomedical interventions (what’s most common, least common, etc) o Electroconvulsive therapy, Psychosurgery, Drug Therapy o Antianxiety, antidepressants, antipsychotics (what are they, how do they work?)
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Unformatted text preview: • Psychoanalytic therapy (goals, main concepts, etc) • Humanistic therapy (goals, how it works, etc) • Behavioral therapies (goals, how it works, different types) • Cognitive therapies (goals, how it works, different types) • Family therapy Chapter 11 • What is personality? • Id, ego, superego • Freud’s stages (incl. penis envy, electra/oediupus complex) o Fixation • Defense mechanisms • Jung’s theory (collective unconscious) • Neo-Freudian theories (Adler, Horney) • Humanistic theory (Rogers, unconditional positive regard, self-discrepancy theory) • Trait theory (factor analysis, Big Five) • Social Cognitive theory (what is it, what’s it say, reciprocal determinism) • Mischel’s situationalism • Projective tests (what are they, Rorschach, TAT) • Personality inventories/Self-report tests (what are they, MMPI)...
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Exam 3 Study Guide - • Psychoanalytic therapy (goals,...

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