s040x12 - sqrt(2 sqrt(6 sqrt(3 We then combined to solve...

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delete s040x12.txt; diary s040x12.txt clear; clc; close all; echo on % % Stewart 40/12 % % Part A: Use a calculator to evaluate: % % (sqrt(2)+ sqrt(6))/(sqrt(2)+sqrt(3)) % % % Part B: Now show that the calculated value is correct % % The terms below are figured first to make the math easier to follow
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Unformatted text preview: % sqrt (2) % sqrt (6) % sqrt (3) % % We then combined to solve for an answer in both the Numorator and Denominator % Numerator= 1.412+ 2.4495 % Denomenator= 1.412+ 1.7321 % % Lastly, the two answers are combined by divison % Numerator/Denomenator % echo off; diary off...
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