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s133x38 - %the lower limit and lower asymptote...

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delete s133x38.txt; diary s133x38.txt clear all; clc; close all; echo on % % Stewart 133/38 % %Find the horizontal and vertical asymptotes of each curve. Check your %work by graphing the curve and estimating the asymptotes % % %There are no vertical asymptotes as per the instructions % %I will take the limit of the function as x approches positive and negitive %infinity to find the horizontal asymptotes. % %-------------------------------------------------------------------------- % %Limit as X-> negitive infinity % x= [-1, -10, -100, -1000, -1.0e6, -1.0e9, -1.0e12, -1.0e15]; % format long fx=(x-9)./(sqrt(4.*x.^2+3.*x+2))
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Unformatted text preview: % %the lower limit and lower asymptote is -0.500000000000005 %--------------------------------------------------------------------------% %Limit as X-> positive infinity % x= [1, 10, 100, 1000, 1.0e6, 1.0e9, 1.0e12, 1.0e15]; % format long fx=(x-9)./(sqrt(4.*x.^2+3.*x+2)) % % %the upper limit and upper asymptote is -0.499999999999995 % x= linspace(-50,50); fx=(x-9)./(sqrt(4.*x.^2+3.*x+2)); f plot(x,fx) xlabel('x') ylabel('y') title('Stewart 133/38') axis([-50 50 -20 2]) hold on grid on %plot (0,0.499600361081320,'o') % echo off; diary off...
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