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Minow Script #2 - Brian Ernst Word Count 344 WRTG 1150-049...

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Brian Ernst Word Count: 344 WRTG 1150-049 Script #2 “ Categorization helps people to cope with complexity and to understand one another. Devising categories to simplify a complicated world may well be an inevitable feature of human cognition.” P.53 It is the concept of categories that motivated Martha Minows first assumption in the examination of difference. Minow argues the as a society in general and as well as individuals we will make intrinsic assumptions based upon categories such as race, ethnicity, and gender. As a society and a community we can find this age-old problem to be one worth thinking about simply because categories no matter their purpose, for good or bad will encourage thought and belief of difference. Minow convincingly points out the act of discrimination through socially imposed categories presents a problem among our judicial system. According to Ann Scales the job of a lawyer, attorney or judge is to make decisions from categorizing similarities and differences from case to case through a process of legal analysis. If legal analysis is based
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Minow Script #2 - Brian Ernst Word Count 344 WRTG 1150-049...

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