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Mus15_Syllabus_S09 - Syllabus Music 15Music Appreciation...

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Syllabus: Music 15—Music Appreciation Instructor: Maureen DeMaio Term: Spring 2009 Website: www.music15.com ( routes to GauchoSpace) Course Description This course is a history of Western art music (better known as “classical music”) from the Middle Ages to the present. It is designed to enhance your musical experiences by developing listening skills and an understanding of the diverse classical genres, styles, forms, and media that have developed over time. Course Goals By the end of the quarter you will have: gained the tools necessary to identify and discuss the most distinctive elements of music; expanded your musical horizons to encompass new genres, composers, eras, and media, and to experience an opera and two live classical music concerts; developed critical thinking and writing skills through careful listening to and writing about music; acquired the ability to distinguish the characteristics of one musical era from another and achieved a general understanding of how Western contemporary music fits into the spectrum of Western art music; become familiar with a selection of works by some of the most remarkable musical geniuses in recorded history and how their music fit within broad historical, artistic, and cultural traditions. Required Course Materials Text : The Enjoyment of Music (10 th shorter ed.) by Kristine Forney and Joseph Machlis (2007) Media : Student Resource DVD and 4-CD set, which come packaged with the book at UCen Bookstore Graded Work (200 points total) Paper 1 (wk. 4) 20 points Paper 2 (wk. 8) 30 points Concert Reports (2x10 pts) (wks. 5 & 10) 20 points Opera Attendance/Report (wk. 4) 5 points Section Homework & Participation 5 points Quizzes (4 of out 5) 20 points Midterm (wk. 6) 50 points Final 50 points Extra Credit The midterm and final will have a small number of extra credit questions. No other extra credit will be granted . Instructor Maureen DeMaio [email protected] Office: Music 2308 Teaching Assistants Laura Emmery [email protected] Office: Music 2240 Sasha Metcalf [email protected] Office: Music 2240 Vincent Rone: [email protected] Office: Music 2240 Nathaniel Werner [email protected] Office: Music 2240 Laurence Young [email protected] Office: Music 2240 Office hours on course website. Grading Scale 194 – 200 A+ 186 – 193 A 180 – 185 A- 174 – 179 B+ 166 – 173 B 160 – 165 B- 154 – 159 C+ 146 – 153 C 140 – 145 C- 134 – 139 D+ 120 – 133 D 0 – 119 F
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2 Course Website and Email Policies Important course materials will be available on the course website and some materials will be sent to you via email. Check the website regularly and your email every day as you’ll be assumed to have received information conveyed in this way. Email is also a good way to contact us, but recognize that it is not always possible for us to respond immediately. Also, we regret that we cannot accept assignments by email; you must submit a paper copy for a grade. In addition, note that the brief
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Mus15_Syllabus_S09 - Syllabus Music 15Music Appreciation...

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