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Final Exam Review Sheet THROUGH WEEK 9 (Additional terms to be added after week 10 lectures are concluded) Music 15 Spring 2009 Maureen DeMaio KNOW the composers; important historical information about them that is related to their musical backgrounds and/or their music; their significance to music history (as covered in lecture) KNOW the pieces; historical context of their composition; important characteristics about them; plots, important characters, descriptions of their melodies, etc., when relevant; general facts about their programs, when relevant KNOW what the eras were; the topics/musical trends in each; important social, political and economic contexts influencing compositions (as covered in lecture) KNOW the instruments of the orchestra, particularly the oboe, clarinet, French horn, flute, and cello. Specific terms/people
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Final_Exam_Review_Sheet_up_to_week_9_ - Final Exam Review...

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