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3/3/2008 13 Lampropeltis zonata – California Mountain Kingsnake Western Coral Snake Alligators Largest of all living reptiles, Lizard like Spend most of time in water, breath through nostrils above water Predators on small and large prey Alligator mississippiensis – American Alligator Alligator mississippiensis – American Alligator Crocodylus acutus – American Crocodile
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14 Class Aves–Birds Specialization for Flight Feathers (also important to endothermy) Light weight, strong, hollow bones Only 1 ovary in females; testes shrink in males Flow through lungs with accessory sac Flow through lungs with accessory sacs 4 Chambered heart with efficient circulation, high Relatively large brain, excellent eyes Origin of Birds from Reptiles No good transitional fossils Feathers vs. scales
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b112_Lecture_34_pt02 - 3/3/2008 Lampropeltis zonata...

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