b112_Lecture_50 - 3/11/2008 WhatisEcology?

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3/11/2008 1 BIOL 112–Chapter 50 What is Ecology? The study of organisms and how they interact with their environment and one another. Historically descriptive, now more experimental Involves studying both abiotic and biotic factors Includes a great deal of interdisciplinary research Organismal ecology Population ecology Community ecology Ecosystem ecology Ecological studies can be the basis for environmental decisions Ecological studies are generally not as definitive as politicians or environmentalists prefer Factors Affecting Distributions of Organisms Dispersal Limits Natural Examples 9 banded armadillo Plains Human Caused Examples Fire ant Cheatgrass Starlings
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3/11/2008 2 An organism’s “familiarity” with its usual habitat may limit expansion. Examples
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b112_Lecture_50 - 3/11/2008 WhatisEcology?

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