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Ajit Nazre - Venture Capitalist - E-Society Meeting...

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E-Society Meeting 02/13/2008 Venture Capitalism -Ajit Nazre email – anqzre@kpcb.com 1. Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers – venture capitalist co. a. Investing in… a.i. life-science (1/3 of investment) a.ii. information-science a.iii. Green Technologies 2002 a.iv. Global Markets since 2004 esp. China and India 2. Global Markets a. Why India and China? a.i. Huge growth in both countries. (8-9% growth per year) a.ii. Very large number of engineers (engineers = innovation) a.iii. Enormous domestic markets a.iii.1. Because of growth in middle class wealth in India a.iii.1.a. Leads to more buying b. What types of investments overseas? b.i. Will this company satisfy a need? b.ii. Local needs? b.ii.1. Energy in India is a large problem in India. b.ii.1.a. Avg. income = $5,000 and gas is $8 per gallon c. Any other countries? c.i. Probably not – no one has the size of India and China d. Why are there more valuations in USA than in Europe? d.i. More VC in America d.ii. Europe has less entrepreneurs d.iii. USA has open mind to failure e. Difference in VC working in US and India e.i. India has different mentality as to how they search for investment e.ii. Spend a lot more time making sure that what you sell is understood
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Ajit Nazre - Venture Capitalist - E-Society Meeting...

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