Acids_and_Bases_and_the_Measurement_of_pH[1] - Joshua...

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Date Preformed:  3/24/09 Jason Zhang Due: 3/31/09 Acids and Bases and the Measurement of pH Objective: To learn how to use and standardize a pH meter. To distinguish between solutions of acids and bases by measuring their pH values. To examine the hydrolysis of salts. To cause a dye to change color by changing the pH of its solution Experimental Data Part A Substance pH before dilution pH after 5-fold dilution Tap Water 7.04 N/A Deionized water 7.79 N/A HCl 1.78 2.20 CH 3 COOH 3.20 3.25 NaOH 12.15 11.80 NH 3 ∙H 2 O 10.88 9.90 Part B Substance pH Buffer Solution 7.00 NaOAc 7.51 NH 4 Cl 6.20 NaHCO 3 8.01 Part C Solution pH Water+10 drops of HCl 2.24 Water+10 drops HCl+NaOH    9.39 Sample Calculations Part A HCl: ΔpH=final pH-initial pH= 2.20-1.78 = 0.42 Part B: NaOAc: ΔpH=pH of solution with dissolved solid-pH of buffer solution= 7.51-7.00 =0.51 Results and Conclusions Part A Substance
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Acids_and_Bases_and_the_Measurement_of_pH[1] - Joshua...

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