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The University of Texas at Austin GOV 312L Professor Jim Enelow June 14, 1999 TEXAS POLITICAL HISTORY FIRST EXAM 1. In the 16th century, (a) Cabeza de Vaca conquered the Seven Cities of Cibola with the help of a small group of Spaniards and a large group of Indian allies (b) San Juan Bautista served as the "gateway" to Spanish Texas (c) Coronado and de Soto launched competing expeditions whose purpose was to search for mineral wealth in northern New Spain (d) the French established Louisiana, driving a wedge between Spanish Florida and New Spain (e) Britain expelled France from the North American continent 2. Which of the following statements is correct? (a) La Salle's landing on the coast of Texas in the 1680s was ignored by Spanish officials (b) La Salle returned to France after establishing Fort St. Louis and in 1699 helped establish a French fort on Biloxi Bay (c) Spanish officials were alarmed at La Salle's landing on the Texas coast because it posed a threat to the silver mines of northern New Spain (d) La Salle hiked from Texas to Canada after being left in Texas without a ship to return home (e) La Salle originally planned to establish a colony near the mouth of the Mississippi River but decided, after stopping at the island of Santo Domingo, to return to France 3. The first Spanish missions in East Texas (a) included Natchitoches on the Rio Hondo, near present-day Robeline, Louisiana (b) were abandoned after a few years because an epidemic had killed many Tejas Indians, a serious drought had destroyed crops, and there were no signs of French activity (c) were abandoned because of the "Chicken War" when French soldiers invaded East Texas (d) included a large contingent of Spanish soldiers to protect the missionaries, who feared for their safety (e) made no effort to Christianize the Tejas Indians but instead established trade relations with French settlers in Louisiana 4. The second wave of Spanish missions in East Texas (a) was the result of an expedition which included Father Francisco Hidalgo and the Frenchman St. Denis (b) established a Spanish presence in East Texas which continued uninterrupted until the 1770s (c) occurred through the efforts of the Marquis de Aguayo who brought hundreds of men, tons of supplies, and thousands of head of livestock at his own expense
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(d) brought about the founding of San Juan Bautista as a halfway post between East Texas and Saltillo (e) was opposed by the French who, under Governor Cadillac, tried to keep Spain from returning to East Texas 5. Match the following names and identifications A Marquis de Aguayo 1 first Emperor of Mexico B Jose de Escandon 2 surveyed New Spain's northern frontier in 1760s C Marques de Rubi 3 colonizer of Nuevo Santander, the area between Tampico and La Bahia D Agustin de Iturbide 4 restored East Texas missions abandoned after the "Chicken War" (a) A2, B3, C4, D1 (b) A4, B3, C2, D1 (c) A4, B1, C2, D3 (d) A3, B4, C2, D1 (e) A1, B2, C3, D4 6. During the period of Spanish Texas
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312prac1-RTF - The University of Texas at Austin Professor...

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