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Lana Halima Canaan 22 Fifth Street, Juniper, NV 89268 * Phone: 420-555-2939 * E-mail: [email protected] May 12, 2008 Mr. Raul Ramos Personnel Director Juniper Culinary Academy 202 Park Boulevard Juniper, NV 89268 Dear Mr. Ramos: I am responding to the junior culinary instructor position that you recently advertised in the Juniper Daily Herald . As indicated on the enclosed resume, I have the credentials you are seeking and believe I can be a valuable asset to Juniper Culinary Academy. I recently received my bachelor’s degree in culinary arts from Nevada Culinary Institute. The following table outlines my areas of concentration. Food Planning and Preparation 30 Hours Food Safety 15 Hours Nutrition 15 Hours Regional and International
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Unformatted text preview: Cuisine 21 Hours In addition to my coursework, I have the following culinary experience: • Assist with food preparation at my family’s local pastry, bread, and bakery business • Prepare food and serve meals at Hope Mission • Assisted the chef with meal preparation and presentation during internship at The Garden Grill • Prepared salads, soups, sandwiches, entrees, and desserts while working at the school cafeteria I will call you next week to see if we can set up a time to discuss my career opportunities at Juniper Culinary Academy. If you would like to speak to me before then, please call me at 420-555-2939. Sincerely, Lana Halima Canaan Enclosure...
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