CGS1000- checkpoint 2 - B) A Website is a collection of...

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CGS1000 5/20/2009 CHECKPOINT 2 PAG 107 A5; B7; C6; D11; E9; F10; G2; H1; I8; J12; K3; L4; TRUE/FALSE 1F; 2F; 3F; 4T; 5F; 6F; 7T; 8T; 9F; 10T; 11F; 12F; PAG 108 MULTIPLE CHOICE 1D; 2C; 3D; 4B; 5C; 6C; 7A; 8D; 9C; 10D; 11C; 12B; 13B; 14A; PAG 109 MATCHING 1H; 2E; 3G; 4F; 5L; 6K; 7D; 8B; 9J; 10C; SHORT ANSWER 1) A) Regional ISP usually provides Internet access to a specific geographic area. A national ISP is a business that provides Internet access in cities towns nationwide. B) WISPs are ISPs (internet service providers) with networks built around wireless networking. Traditional ISPs are businesses that offer their customers access to Internet. The ISP connects to its customers using a data transmission, such as dial-up, DSL, cable modem or dedicated high-speed interconnects. 2) A) Visitors to a static page all see the same content. With a dynamic page visitors can customize some or all of the viewed content such as desired stock quotes weather for a specific region.
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Unformatted text preview: B) A Website is a collection of files and related resources accessible through the World Wide Web and organized under a particular domain name. 3) A) RSS 2.0 and Atom B) Affiliation, audience, authority, content, currency, design, and objectivity. 4) A) JPEG; GIF (or newer PNG); BMP. B) JPEG is a format that compresses graphics to reduce their file size. GIF graphics also use compression techniques to reduce file sizes. Better for company logos. PNG is in improvement of the GIF format. BMP may require special viewer software, and they have larger file sizes. 5) A) It is used when users do not want to enter the credit card information, or bank account, or other financial information. B) Creating an account that is linked to a credit card or funds at a financial institution. The financial transaction is completed without revealing the financial information....
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CGS1000- checkpoint 2 - B) A Website is a collection of...

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