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CGS1000 - checkpoint 6 - B Continuous form paper is a form...

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CHECKPOINT 6 LABEL THE FIGURE A3 – B1- C2 TRUE/FALSE 1T-2T-3F-4F-5F-6T-7T-8T-9F-10F-11F-12T MULTIPLE CHOICE 1C-2B- 3C- 4D- 5D- 6D-7B-8D-9A-10A-11A-12D-13A-14D MATCHING 1A-2J-3D-4F-5C-6I-7L-8E-9G-10B SHORT ANSWER 1) A) The quality of an LCD monitor or LCD screen depends primarily on its resolution, response time, brightness, dot pitch, and contrast ratio. B) An active –matrix display uses a separate transistor to apply charges to each liquid crystal cell and thus displays high-quality color that is viewable from all angles. A passive-matrix display uses fewer transistors, requires less power, and is less expensive than an active- matrix display. The color on a passive-matrix display is not as bright as an active-matrix display. Users view images on a passive-matrix display best when working directly in front of it. 2) A) CRT monitors B) To protect yourself, sit at arm’s length from the CRT monitor because EMR travels only a short distance. 3) A) Portrait orientation is taller than it is wide. Landscape orientation is wider than it is tall.
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Unformatted text preview: B) Continuous form paper is a form of paper which thousands of sheets of paper are connected together end to end. The pages have holes along the sides to help feed the paper through the printer. 4) A) Bluetooth and infrared. B) With Bluetooth printing, a computer transmits output to a printer via radio waves. With infrared printing, a printer communicates with a computer or other device using infrared light waves. 5) A) An ink-jet printer is a type of nonimpact printer that forms characters and graphics by spaying tiny drops of liquid ink onto a piece of paper. B) A dye-sublimation printer uses heat to transfer colored dye to specially coated paper. The dye-sublimation printers for home or small business print images in only one or two sizes and are much slower than their professional counterparts. Some are very small and can be carried in a briefcase....
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