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Brian Ernst Word Count: 151 WRTG 1150-049 Script #1 “The Possibility of reiterating difference, whether by acknowledgment or non- acknowledgment, arises as long as difference itself caries a stigma and precludes equality.” P.50 The dilemma of difference is seemingly unsolvable, mainly because of the risk of discrimination or the risk of non-involvement. Minow argues that there are five basic assumptions that underline difference dilemmas. Minow says that because these assumptions go unstated that they underlie most of our interaction within the
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Unformatted text preview: community without our awareness of how much they interfere in our own good faith to hear someone’s opinion. Because these 5 assumptions go unstated they pose a great problem to our society and to each other. In order to eliminate the stigma that precludes equity we should look further into, discuss, and contemplate the five baisc assumptions that are holding our society back from growing as a more free and diverse country....
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