Prompt 3 - hybridity of spatialities and temporalities that...

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Brian Ernst Word Count: 263 Prompt 3 While reading the essay by Mullholland “Zebras and UFOs” there are a few connections that can be made between Mullholland’s essay and the five basic assumptions of differnce that are stated by Martha Minow. Mullholland talks about a project named the Toro Vestiment project in which cross cultural T-Shirts and trousers are created for both Mexicans and Americans living in Tijuana and San-Diego. Minow states in her the first assumption that difference is intrinsic, and that people tend to categorize others into groups and categories. In this case of border relations there are obviously two groups, Mexicans and Americans. Mullholland and Torolab are trying to diminish this process of categorization by creating merchandise that can be used by both cultures. “The t-shirts of ToroVestimentacan be seen as attempting to do three things: (1) establish the
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Unformatted text preview: hybridity of spatialities and temporalities that are at play in the identity of the border” (Mullholland 112). The creation these T-Shirts and Trousers will hopefully help to diminish the thought of difference between Americans in their perception of Mexicans, as well as the Mexicans perception of Americans. “We don’t want to be protagonists of fashion or follow the path of red tape artists. What we really want is to establish deep relationship(s) with people, ideas, the equipment of life and the atmosphere of warm humanism: to obtain through these means a better quality of life.” (Mullholland 112). With the understanding of Martha Minow’s 1 st assumption that is made about difference we can understand the intentions of Torolabs Vestiment project and their hopes to eliminate the idea of difference....
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Prompt 3 - hybridity of spatialities and temporalities that...

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