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UNIVERSITY OF WATERLOO Department of Economics Economics 302 - Fall 2008 Macroeconomic Theory 2 Professor: Jean-Paul Lam OFce: Hagey Hall 220 Location: AL 211 Telephone: (519) 888-4567 x33091 Time: 10:00-11:20 TuTh E-mail: jplam at uwaterloo dot ca OFce Hours: TuTh 1:00-2:30pm or by appointment 1 Course Objectives and Textbooks The course will provide an introduction to important areas in macroeconomics. It will emphasize various topics in macroeconomic theory, in particular economic growth, the role of money and in±ation. A large part of the course will be devoted to the Solow growth model, overlapping generations models, models involving money and issues related to in±ation. You will learn how these theoretical frameworks can be used to understand and interpret actual macroeconomic events. To this end, we will make use of journal articles, articles in newspapers and the Economist to apply concepts learned in class to the real world. At the end of each topic, we will devote some time to the discussion of some of the proposed articles. Students are assumed to have been exposed to basic calculus and linear algebra during their 200’s courses. Although not compulsory, you are strongly advised to attend classes and participation is strongly encouraged. Your primary source of material for this course is the lecture notes. The lecture notes will be posted in advance of the lectures on UW-ACE. The lecture notes will be based on several sources, including journal articles and various other articles. Although I will make reference to a few textbooks, I will not make extensive use of any of them. Note that some material taught in class may not be included in the lecture notes; this is why attendance is strongly encouraged. In addition to lecture notes, an important number of journal articles and articles from the Economist will also be posted on UW-ACE. Many of these articles will be the subject of discussion in class at the end of each lecture topic. You are required to read these short and non-technical articles as you may be asked questions on the exam regarding their content. The textbook that is primarily used for this course is Macroeconomics 5th edition by Barro. There are other numerous useful textbooks for this course. They are in no particular order of preference: Weil, D. N. 2008. Economic Growth , Second Edition, Addison Wesley. The ²rst edition is a good substitute. [DW] Jones, C. 2001. Introduction to Economic Growth, Second Edition, W. W. Norton & Com- pany. [CJ] Williamson, S. D. 2007. Macroeconomics , second Canadian Edition. [SDW] 1
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Course Outline - UNIVERSITY OF WATERLOO Department of...

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