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Tutorial 1 (new) - BIO122 Tutorial 1(Lecture 1 1 The acts...

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BIO122 Tutorial 1 (Lecture 1) 1. The ___________________ acts as a selective barrier, allowing nutrients to enter the cell and wastes to leave the cell. a. plasma membrane b. ribosome c. cell wall d. nucleoid region e. pili 2. Which structure is the outermost component of a bacterium? 3. What is the function of a bacterium’s capsule? 4. An organism that obtains its energy from chemicals are known as BIO122: Tutorial 1 1
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5. A prokaryotes that obtains both energy and carbon as it decomposes dead organisms is most likely a 1. autotroph 2. heterotroph 3. phototroph 4. chemotroph a. 1 only b. 4 only c. 1 and 3 d. 2 and 4 e. 1, 3 and 4
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